Waste Processing of Coconuts being Coco Fiber and Coco Peat

A palm tree plantation that is widely spreading. in tropical regions. Those are considered to be of many benefits from the root of to leaves, and of course, the fruits.

The main product is betel palm copra, dried meat coconut oil, coconut water, and used as busting. thirst and medicine. The kneecap can be processed to coconut. modern charcoal. The rest of the rind of a fruit, coir who is hardly used often well spent instead in the people and the environment. If we see further, coconut coir has high potential in increasing the sales price, waste reduction, and the use.

Coco fiber and simple cocopeat are the results of the derivatives waste processed palm oil. Both derive from the process of unraveling coconut coir. In manufacturing, palm oil used would not carelessly. Must meet the following characteristics: twisted to the wet, fresh coconut with skin is greenish, nonporous, not the former use, do not use the material in, and taken from oil to copra, oil, and coconut milk.

Twisted and be turned into coco fiber and coco peat, derived from coconuts wet inserted into a continuous decomposer to separate cocopeat coco fiber. between and split them. Where coco fiber, fibers are long hair in the hot sun directly even more or less 30 minutes Cocofiber dry but pressed with a rectangular form bales to a certain weight. While cocopeat is reverse engineered, results need to disentangle cocopeat again to get the best. As delicately as possible Cocopeat obtained from the decomposition of immediately put in a sack without quality control. Cocopeat beams cocopeat is compacted. with a certain standard.

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Beginilah Cara Membuat Cocofiber yang Bernilai Ekonomis

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