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Coco Fiber

Coco fiber or in the world trade known as Coir fiber, coir yarn, coir mats, and rugs, is a product of fiber processing from coconut coir through a milling process that is shaped like long hair and is generally golden yellow or brown in color. Coco Fiber is widely used as a supporting material in the manufacture of mattresses, cushions, carpet mats, sofa beds, and seat cushions for the automotive industry as well as particleboards similar to MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), namely Coconut Fiber Board (CFB).

ColorGolden Brown
Moisture<18 %
Length fiber5-25 cm
Impurity<3 %
Dimension110x40x80 cm
Packing bale95-130 kg
Load ability17-19 tons in 40ft FCL
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Coco Peat

Cocopeat or commonly referred to as peat coir, coir dust, Cocopith or Coir pith is another product from the processing of fiber from coconut coir through a milling process in the form of a powder and generally brown in color. Cocopeat is very good for use as a planting medium in the agricultural industry or in the nursery business.

Load ability20-24 tons in 40ft FCL20-24 tons in 40ft FCL
Weight5 kg11 kg

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Coco Chip and Coco Husk

Cocochip and cocohusk is coconut fibers dry cut into pieces neat in the form of checkered ( beams / cube ) as one kind of media planting that is porous and capable of binding water well .Its ability to hold back water help grow roots for the better, and contains elements of organic and mineral, very high that can be used as. organic fertilizers Also integrated with suitable cocopeat, sphagum, moss , sawdust forest, bark corn cob. and others

Cocochip2×2 cm
8 kg / polibag
3×4 cm
8 kg / polibag
1×1 cm
6 kg / polibag
1,5 x 2 cm
6 kg / polibag

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