Cocopeat: Coconut Powder as a Base Material for Eco-Friendly Products

Cocopeat is coconut coir waste that is processed into cork granules, also known as Cocopeat or Coirpeat. Cocopeat is made from coconut fibers that have been dried, then obtained from the results of separation with coco fiber.

In the field of horticulture and horticulture, coconut is widely used as a hydroponic growing medium and a greenhouse planting medium as a substitute for soil planting media. Due to the nature of cocopeat which is hydrophilic (likes to absorb air) and can bind and store oxygen in the air better than soil growing media. However, the nutrient content of cocopeat is low from the soil, so it is necessary to add other components such as compost or organic fertilizer and husks to get the optimal pH for plant growth.

Cocopeat is also a good absorbent material for use in the livestock industry. because dry cocopeat absorbs oil on slippery floors. This material can also be used as bedding for pets and pets because it can absorb dirt well and be used.

The latest use of cocopeat as a supporting material in the manufacture of biomass/alternative energy sources. Making biomass as a mixture of coal into fuel for transportation is more environmentally friendly because of minimal pollution and high economic value. Thus, in addition to producing more efficient bioenergy products, this processing also empowers farmers and residents.

The various uses of cocopeat above, make cocopeat as coconut waste which is processed into a powder that is rich in benefits and is environmentally friendly. As a tropical and archipelagic country, Indonesia has great potential to produce the world’s best cocopeat.

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