Cocofiber: Processed Coconut Waste into Fibers Full of Potential in the International Market

Coconut Fiber Product

Coir fiber, or in the world of international trade is better known as Coco Fiber, Coir fiber, coir yarn, coir mats, and rugs. Cocofiber is a fiber from the processing of coconut coir into brownish yellow fibers.

In its manufacture, cocofiber comes from wet coconut coir waste which is processed by a decomposition machine until cocofiber and cocopeat are separated separately. Then it is dried and pressed in the form of bales and then stored in dry conditions to be ready to be marketed. In the processing, it is adjusted to the standards mutually agreed with consumers such as humidity, impurities, and packaging.

Traditionally, cocofiber is only used for making brooms, doormats, ropes and household utensils. Starting from technological developments, knowledge of the physico-chemical properties of fibers, and consumer awareness to return to natural materials, cocofiber has begun to be used as industrial raw materials such as carpets, vehicle seats and dashboards, mattresses, pillows, and hardboards internationally. Cocofiber was chosen because the material is cheap, lightweight, and more durable.

It is easy to manufacture (only using a decomposing machine and taking advantage of the conditions) and cheap (only using coconut fiber/coconut waste) is very beneficial for Indonesia as a country with the largest coconut plantations in the world to develop its cocofiber export business. Moreover, according to the Chairman of the Indonesian Coir Industry Association, Indonesia only meets 3% of the world’s needs for coco coir as of August 2020 because most of the coir is just wasted without being processed, even burned. The use of cocofiber continues to be widespread and sustainable, such as large industries such as China, South Korea, and Japan.

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