Waste Processing of Coconuts being Coco Fiber and Coco Peat

A palm tree plantation that is widely spreading. in tropical regions. Those are considered to be of many benefits from the root of to leaves, and of course, the fruits.

Cocopeat: Coconut Powder as a Base Material for Eco-Friendly Products

Cocopeat is coconut coir waste that is processed into cork granules, also known as Cocopeat or Coirpeat. Cocopeat is made from coconut fibers that have been dried, then obtained from the results of separation with coco fiber. 

Cocofiber: Processed Coconut Waste into Fibers Full of Potential in the International Market

Coir fiber, or in the world of international trade is better known as Coco Fiber, Coir fiber, coir yarn, coir mats, and rugs. Cocofiber is a fiber from the processing of coconut coir into brownish yellow fibers. 

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