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Indonesia is a tropical country with abundant natural wealth. As an Archipelago Country, Indonesia has a diversity both on land and ocean. With this great potential, it is necessary to optimize the use of natural resources from all over Indonesia.
PT. Hiit Nesia Commodity is an export company which is engaged in products made from natural ingredients. Hiit Nesia Commodity focuses on agro commodity, that is Hiit Agro (processed product derived from coconut).

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Coco Fiber

Coco fiber or known as Coir fiber, coir yarn, coir mats, and rugs

Coco Peat

Cocopeat or referred to as peat coir, coir dust, Cocopith or Coir pith

Coco Chip and Coco Husk

Cocochip and cocohusk is coconut fibers dry cut into pieces neat

Our Blogs

Cocopeat: Coconut Powder as a Base Material for Eco-Friendly Products
Cocofiber: Processed Coconut Waste into Fibers Full of Potential in the International Market
Waste Processing of Coconuts being Coco Fiber and Coco Peat
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